Sengoku Wars

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About Sengoku Wars

A strategy game set in Sengoku era of Japan

As one of the warlords you will try to unite Japan under your rule and end the era of chaos.

Follow the questline or your own way to unification. To put and end to the wars you will have to conquer other warlords or to make them your allies.

This game was created as a college project, it will be subject to change and improvement.

Known issues:

- Tokugawa and Imagawa starting position is weak as it was historically, thus depending on RNG it may take a few takes to survive first years.

- Shimazu/Otomo can conquer Kyushu very fast sometimes, but they do not pose a significant threat for a player, who by this point controls most of Japan; may change when I introduce questlines to clans of Kyushu.

At the moment I am planning to improve economy, trade, diplomacy, management of provinces and army and AI.

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