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About Short answer PokeDex Quiz

See the shadows and solve over 1000+ pokedex from 1 Gen to 9 Gen.

Hello, I am an ordinary college student whose hobby is collecting Poke_(Mon) cards.

I want to collect Poke_(Mon) cards, but some cards are difficult to obtain and cost a lot of money and time.

So, I came up with a game that can spend time in a small and fun way for a while.

While collecting Poke_(mon) cards, which is a hobby, try to solve my 'Short answer PokeDex Quiz' together!

You can solve various problems for each difficulty, from the 1st to 3rd generation Pokemon) with the most understanding, to the basic 9th generation Poke_(mon)

Now I'm going to give you a problems.

Look at the shadow and guess what it is!

Are the 1st and 3nd generations too easy? Then you are already a Poke_(mon) master!

A slightly harder version will be released soon, so if you got them all right, please wait for the harder difficulty version!

★ The main features of Short answer PokeDex Quiz!

★ Fun game play

The difference between this game is that you enter the correct answer in a short answer format!. In the case of other Poke_(mon) quizzes, I have often seen cases where multiple-choice answers are adopted, but as a result of playing, it is easy and not fun to answer correctly, so I adopted the more fun short answer type.

★ Various levels

We plan to prepare a total of more than 1100+ stages and one final ending stage.

★ Everyone can have fun, regardless of age or gender.

Anyone who likes Poke_(Mon) can enjoy it.

★ Free and Offline Games

This game is an offline game that does not require data, so you can play as much as you want without Wi-Fi or data connection!

★ Delivery of information

While clearing this game, you can learn the type (normal, fire, dragon, etc.), height, weight, category, and abilities of this poke_(mon), so you can learn information you didn't know while taking the quiz.

● Kind of types

- Normal

- Fire

- Water

- Grass

- Electric

- Ice

- Fighting

- Poison

- Ground

- Flying

- Psychic

- Bug

- Rock

- Ghost

- Dragon

- Dark

- Steel

- Fairy

● If you have any suggestions for improvement, suggestions, or additional content ideas, please leave them in the comments. Thank you!

ps) This app does not have a storage server.

If you delete the application or change the device, game data will not be stored, so please be careful about data management.

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