Simple Sign Board LED 2023

Simple Sign Board LED 2023 APK

About Simple Sign Board LED 2023

An app that turns your smartphone into a sign board.

Welcome back to Simple Sign Board LED 2023.

Are you ready to use your signage?

Are you at a gig and don't have any cheering tools? You've come to the right place. All you need is your smartphone.

You can easily use your smartphone as a scoreboard anytime, anywhere.

How to use it ◈

? Specify the text movement effect.

? Specify the font size.

? Specify the font speed.

? Specify the font color.

? Specify the font background color.

◈ Key Features ◈

✔️ Intuitive interface

✔️ Run offline

Download and run your billboard LED.

It's free to use anytime, anywhere.

Have fun using it!

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