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About Skiff Mail

Private, end-to-end encrypted, open-source email app with advanced security.

Skiff Mail is a private, secure, and powerful email app. Skiff helps you keep your communication and your personal information safe, secure and private.

Communicate with convenience: Skiff Mail offers schedule send, folders, and labels, as well as privacy features to block trackers, add aliases, or filter your mail.

Our app is designed with your privacy in mind. We’ve built our app to be end-to-end encrypted (E2EE), so you never have to share your personal information, sensitive data, or private keys with anyone else. At all times, only you can access the content of your emails.

Skiff is free

- Enjoy 10 GB of free storage for your email, attachments, documents, and notes.

- Create up to 4 free email aliases to protect your identity.

- Our other products such as Pages, Calendar and Drive are also free to use.

End-to-end encrypted

- Because of advanced cryptography, no one else - not even Skiff - can read your data.

Skiff Mail is fast and powerful

- With our brand-new app, Skiff is fast and smooth. You will enjoy the same experience you are accustomed to (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.). You can even easily import or forward your mail.

- Skiff Mail also offers intuitive and powerful features to help you manage your inbox. With alias inbox, customizable filters, labels and folders, you can quickly and easily stay on top of your emails without sacrificing privacy and security.

No trackers or ads

- Sign up and upgrade without sharing any personal information; use crypto payments in many different currencies to make your subscription even more powerful.

- Your data is never collected, sold, shared, or monetized.

Open-source and audited

- Skiff Mail is open-source, uses open-source cryptography, and undergoes external security audits.

- You can access our whitepaper and code at

Enjoy a powerful suite of products

- Skiff is more than just email. We offer other products - Pages, Drive and Calendar - to help you protect your privacy. Check them out on our developer page.

- We are constantly making updates to improve our product suite! Please leave us any suggestions in the reviews or in our online communities.

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