Slithering Worm – Masked Duels

Slithering Worm – Masked Duels APK

About Slithering Worm - Masked Duels

Play the slithering worm game and win!

Take your masked snake to the field and hunt down other snakes and worms ? to grow the biggest snake. Become a King Python or a Massive Boa and be threatening to the small other snakes and earthworms around you. In this cacing game you would have to be careful when threatening and eating the other snaky worms, as they can also demage your snake to fail the level. You have to make your worm as big as you would like to have it. Jogo da minhoca is free for you. Zona cacing game is just like other snake games in which you eat worms to make your snake big to complete the challenging levels.

You can play ular on the online field with other players and show them how big your slithering snake can get, or make a 1P1 duel in our 4x4 snakes' duel area, also remember to personalise your snake with cool masks, like a dog or a shark, or even a ninja !!

Have fun and eat other small snaky worms in this rush IO type eater game. Avoid tunning into other angry snakes bodies in this premium cacing game as your snake will sploit into small colour balls.

Awesome snaky worms eating challenge in this game is designed for you to enjoy with your friends online. You can bet with your friends in making big snake. Snakes in multiple colors are available in this zona cacing game. Users of all ages can play this slithering worms make. This game equally entertain to all the peoples. Just install and enjoy the casing besar alaska game for free...

This is an ? Awesome Snake Game.!!!

- Leaderboards

- Cool Masks for your Snake to threaten small snaky worms

- Over 10 Achievements in making big snakes

- 1p1 Duels Game Mode

- Online IO snaky Game to enjoy with friends


- Turbo Speed Button to boost up eating worms

- Slithering Arcade Game

Now, you dont need to wait just install and enjoy this slithering worms games online and make your snake as big as you like it to be. Start eating other small worms and keep it happy.

Are you ready to jump in the worms arena and hunt down other snakes and worms? Slither away in this incredible casual cacing game to eat other snakes and grow the biggest !!! Best of luck snakers....

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