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About Snakes and Ladders

Be a Snakes and Ladders star. Play this game to defeat your friends like a king!

Playing snakes and ladders on a board is safe. But what if you were chased by snakes in the jungles, pyramids, snow, and valleys? Could you survive? Play our all-new snakes and ladders game and find out. Go head to head against the computer, friends, or strangers online and see if you have what it takes to survive and win.

Snakes and ladders are among the oldest games played in India, dating back to the 2nd century AD. We have given it a fresh make-over to make it more appealing in today's times. Our Snakes and ladders game can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You can select from multiple battlegrounds and win against the snakes in thrilling battles.

Enjoy the ultimate Snakes and Ladders game a.k.a 'Chutes and Ladders' with a new twist. This is not the regular snakes and ladders board game but a brand new format of the same! This Snakes & Ladders board game is the perfect snake game for adults and everyone.

Snakes and Ladders which is also called "Chutes and Ladders" is an ancient Indian board game, played by the King and the people of its kingdom centuries ago. It is now enjoyed by people of all ages with family. It is a perfect family game. Adults and everyone else can have hours of fun playing this dice board game.

Snake and Ladder is also known as ‘Chutes & Ladders’ in some countries. Whatever be the name, the rules are all the same! Be the King and win the game.

Snakes and Ladders new app is a simple snake game race contest and the one who reaches the top first is the Master or King. You have to roll the dice and play turn by turn with your friends or family. Have hours of fun while traveling by train, bus, or airplane now with Chutes and Ladders. No internet connection is required.

Play snake and ladder games in 4 different modes for free:

- Player 1 vs Computer

- Player 1 vs Player 2

- Player 1 vs Player 2 vs Player 3

- Player 1 vs Player 2 vs Player 3 vs Player 4

Features of Snakes & Ladders for - New Free Board Game are:

- FAST GAMEPLAY: Use the speed modes to finish and win games faster!

-VARIOUS THEMES: Pick your favorite theme and begin playing right away.

- FOR ALL AGES: This game is so easy to play, anyone can enjoy it. Adults can play together with anyone in the family. Snake and ladder game is your ideal family pass time!

-CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR: You can customize your avatar with your favorite color.

-PLAY OFFLINE: Play this snake and ladder game for free, anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

-MULTIPLAYER: Play with up to 4 players at a time. Select your game mode and start playing. The one who wins in the King or Master!

-NO IN-APP PURCHASES: We strive to make your experience the best and hence we have no purchases in the app. It is completely free to play!

Searching for snakes and ladders 3D game? Look no further! This snake and ladder game is given a 3D effect for the best experience.

Do you like to play Ludo? If you love to play Ludo and other board games, you will definitely love these new Snakes and Ladders!

Download and play this ultimate board game - Snakes & Ladders now!

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