Solitaire – Classic Card Game

Solitaire – Classic Card Game APK

About Solitaire - Classic Card Game

A great classic with daily challenges and beautiful graphics

Play as often as you like

With an unlimited number of solitaire games.

Take on daily challenges

And win all the challenges of the week to beat your record.

Enjoy great animations

With a heart, club, diamond or spade that comes to life to celebrate your win.

Use the clues

And see which card to move in this game of klondike.

Customize the wallpaper image

By selecting one of the many images available.

Play with your friends and family

By sharing this solitaire game with your loved ones.

Change the image of the cards

By choosing the face and back of the cards: 48 possible combinations.

Find out your personal statistics

And analyze your success rate, best time and high score.

Train your brain

And improve your concentration, thinking and memory.

Play wherever and whenever you want

Whether you're at home, on public transportation or in a waiting room.

Draw 1 or 3 cards at a time

To adjust the difficulty of this classic card game.

Undo your moves

As many times as you like.

Start the automatic sorting

And finish your game faster.

Play in your language

Thanks to the translation of the game into English.

Use your preferred hand

Right or left-handed, this patience game adapts.

Improve your best time

Or turn off the timer in the settings.

Finish your game later

Thanks to autosave.

Define the game settings

Such as animations, sounds and vibrations.

Rotate your screen

In portrait or landscape mode.

Use it on all your devices

Whether it's on a phone, tablet or Chromebook computer.

Play without WIFI or internet connection

And enjoy it even when you're offline.

Compare your best times

With those of your friends: 3 rankings available. *

Earn achievements

And points for your Google Play Games account. *

* You must be logged into the game with a Google Play Games account.

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