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Your Sport, Your Way

The SportCentrAll App is the all-in-one sports app you have been waiting for. Designed specifically for sporting clubs and schools of all sizes, SportCentrAll puts modern day technology in the palm of your hand. Bring your loyal fans closer to the action and engage with your wider community like never before.

Create sporting events & tournaments, select your school or club’s teams, schedule upcoming fixtures and assign game-day scorers. Score games in real-time, capture points for every game and give your fans the opportunity to follow every minute of every game, live, their way.

SportCentrAll truly allows you to do YOUR SPORT, YOUR WAY!

SportCentrAll currently offers the following sporting codes:Australian Football League (AFL), Athletics Track & Field, Basketball, Field Hockey, Golf, Netball, Rugby Union XVs, Soccer, Swimming, Target Shooting and Water polo.

Sporting codes currently under development include Cricket, Chess and Tennis. 2022 will see sports like Badminton, Rugby League, Rugby Sevens, Squash, Table Tennis and Volleyball all make their appearance.

The SportCentrAll App has a single platform that allows you to do the following:

SCHOOL / CLUB ADMIN: Take control of your club or school. Create events & tournaments, assign teams, schedule upcoming fixtures, record past results, and assign scorers for upcoming games. Share news, photos and other valuable information like contact details and important notifications with your loyal fans and followers.

TEAM COACH / MANAGER: Create your squads, select your match day team, record stats on your teams and players. Monitor team and player performance and use real data to develop your teams and players over time.

MATCH DAY SCORER: Make sophisticated scoring easy, every time. Capture information once. Share it with Managers, Coaches and Fans, all in real time!

SPORTS FAN / FOLLOWER: Follow every minute of every game. Follow your favourite schools or clubs, teams or players. Enjoy real-time score updates, upcoming fixtures and past results for every event, exhibition match and tournament. Everything in one place. It’s never been so easy.

PLAYERS / ATHLETES: Record your every move of every game. Analyse your stats after each game and continue to develop your skills. Build your own brand and share it with the world. You deserve it!

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