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About Spy - Board Party Game

Card Game: Guess The Spy

Spy is an excellent board game for small (from 3 people) and large companies.

You only need one smartphone and friends. Each round is a bluff, deception and trick.

The spy game is not a classic mafia game.

Perfect for parties!

Features of the game:

No settings required

The rules are simple - even a child will understand them.

Each game is unique in its own way. Smart word mixing algorithm eliminates repetitions

Optional - short rounds

It is possible to create hundreds of your own locations and selections

Rules of the game:

There are locals and a spy. Transfer your smartphone and find out your role in the game. Everyone except the Spy knows the location.

Your task is to ask questions about the location. Try to answer and ask questions not straightforward, because a Spy who does not know the location can understand what it is about and win immediately.

If you suspect who the Spy is, tell me right away - I know who the Spy is. The rest of the players should support you and point out to him.

If the majority agree on one person, the suspect must disclose his role. If you guessed right and the player turned out to be a spy, the locals won. If the majority did not support the candidacy, continue playing.

If the Spy understands what the location is, he must name the word. If he guessed right, the spy won. If you made a mistake, the locals won.

Enjoy the game.Spy is a board game for companies from 3 people.

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