Stick Infinite Kingdom

Stick Infinite Kingdom APK

About Stick Infinite Kingdom

Action Combat Strategy Game

The most anticipated 3D Stick Infinite Kingdom game !

This game challenges you to make a strategy to build up your units in most effective way to protect your statue and the king, Control your leaders and use their abilities to win the game.

Gameplay Features:

✷ Build and Train your units by using Resources.

✷ Upgrade skills for next level.

✷ Switch Leader Characters.

✷ Character Skins are available.

✷ Buy Character Potions and Spell items from shop.

✷ Unlock Chests by Orbs and get common or rare items.

✷ Survive the highest nights among your friends in the Leaderboard.

✷ Variety of Zombies available.

✷ Great Visuals and Extraordinary 3D graphics.

✷ Easy touch controls.

✷ Magnificent background music and sound effects.

More updates will come later and Support Us by playing!

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