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About Sun Locator

Predict Sun and Moon position anytime and anywhere in 3D

Sun Locator with its sun tracker, sun seeker, sun position, and moon phase tracker, this app is an essential tool.

Download Sun Locator Lite today and start planning your day around the sun and moon's position! ?☀️

Sun Locator Lite (Sun and Moon) is a powerful app that predicts the sun position and path of the sun and moon at any location and time of the day.

With its accurate sun position, sun tracker, and sun seeker features, Sun Locator is an essential tool for photography, filmmaking, real estate, architecture, outdoor activities, solar panel positioning, and gardening. ☀️

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Key Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

✅Accurately predicts sun position and path, including sunrise and sunset times, golden hour, and blue hour;

✅Tracks moon phase, including the full moon and other phases of the moon;

✅Helps photographers and filmmakers anticipate lighting conditions and plan their shoots accordingly;

✅Useful for real estate and architecture professionals to determine how natural light will affect their designs;

✅Helps hikers and campers find the best location for setting up their campsite;

✅Enables solar panel installers to determine the optimal sun position for solar panels;

✅Useful for gardeners to plan their garden around the sun's movement.

Sun Locator and Sun Tracker can help you capture stunning photographs and videos by anticipating the lighting conditions. Architects and real estate professionals can use the app to determine how natural light will affect their designs, while hikers and campers can find the best location for setting up their campsite.

Optimize your outdoor plans with the most accurate sun position and moon position and path information, trusted by over 500,000 satisfied users worldwide! ???

Explore Sun & Moon positions

⭐The Main View displays all the detailed information: sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, blue hour, golden hour, solar noon, twilight times, moon phase, and much more.

⭐The Camera View displays the solar position and lunar position directly overlaid on your device's camera. Use the slider to set the time of day and directly track the solar movement. [A device with a magnetometer (compass) is needed to use the AR feature].

⭐The Map feature displays the solar and lunar location, direction, and shadow on a map to help you plan your activities.

Discover the power of Sun Locator & Sun Seeker

This ultimate app for precise sun position tracking uses your device's GPS and compass to determine your location and the direction of the sun and moon. You can also view the sunrise and sunset times, golden hour, blue hour, and other information.?

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