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Super city Hero:Spider Game APK

About Super city Hero:Spider Game

Superhero Spider Game fighter rope hero in Superhero City like Super City Hero

Spider Superhero Game fight evil like amazing rope hero

Super city Hero:Spider Game with Spider Power

Welcome to Super Hero City. Your rope hero and spider hero are ready for action. The third person rope hero game with spider hero is waiting for you. Enter the open super city hero world with your rope hero and have a rope game.


The bite of a radioactive spider begins to mutate within the human body to gain superpowers. Spider powers include superhuman strength, a sixth sense (such as a "spider sense" that alerts him to danger), perfect fighting skills, and the speed and agility of a superhero


Craft unique skills to complement the spider's power.

Big spider hero has special ability to fight crime. You can shoot ropes on buildings and climb over them to the top. Your legs are also strong, so don't underestimate them. Kick out the gangster with heavy punches and super kicks. Use your futuristic super powers to conquer the criminal world and claim the title of new boss in this rope hero crime simulator.


This spider fighting game takes place in superhero city villains. The superhero city boss has taken over the superhero city. Make superhero wars and spider hero powers to replenish the human body and defeat the mafia! The police and army are already corrupt. This magnificent city is about to collapse.


Chase and kill crazy dragons by using your rope hero to climb ropes and use super powers. Climb high buildings, fight angry dragons and save your city.

Transform your spider hero into cool dragon, fly to the enemy, fight the enemy dragon in the air and use the fire breathing power of your dragon hero but be careful of the fire attack of the enemy dragon.


Like heroes, supervillains gain power after a scientific accident or misuse of science and technology.

Save your city from the criminal mafia lord by defeating the angry robots of the criminal mafia gang by using super strike and super smash superpowers and get rid of the criminal mafia in this spider hero valley game.

This spider hero war game looks simple but the whole vice city is up to you. Become a rope hero where the city needs to eradicate all crimes and use your sapder man wali game power to save the citizens.

enjoy hero games

Be the hero your vice city needs so that the whole crime city will be afraid of you. Use all your magical powers and fantastic strategies to protect the people of sin city in this spider hero war game.

Become a speed hero by chasing enemies, run fast like a lightning hero and enjoy the speed hero abilities of super dash destruction.

Super city Hero:Spider Game Gameplay and Game Features:

- Number of city rescue missions with rival gangs

- Superhero game also contains flying hero robot action

- Futuristic robot and flying police chase

- Extra normal superheroes and super rope heroes

- High quality animations of big robot battles

- Flying police robot rope hero of gangster crime city

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