Survival Hero: Action RPG Game

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About Survival Hero: Action RPG Game

Experience thrilling shooting action in survival games. Upgrade skill & fight!

When the Earth is invaded, the evil zombie, monster and vampire are threatening to rule the world, you have no choice but take on the heroic mantle of saving your land. You are an awakened cowboy warrior with unlimited skills and potential, choose your weapons and fight against these dangerous enemies by autofire shooting them down to survive! An exciting action adventure in the palm of your hand.

Survival Hero: Action RPG Game is an adventure roguelike action game. In the game, you can endlessly shoot the enemies, upgrade your skills, use your heroic strategy to survive as long as possible and create your secret recipe for victory.

Are you a fan of the Survival games genre? Survival Hero: Action RPG Game is definitely for you. Unlike other RPG games, you are surrounded by numerous enemies, attack them with Move and Shoot without pause, collect the EXP and gold dropped by the enemy to enhance your combat ability. Don’t let zombies, monsters and vampires attack your kingdom! Don't survive alone, survive together!

From a completely basic gun, upgrade your weapon, loot your equipment, combine the best skills to destroy enemies! How long can you survive?

How to play Survival Hero: Action RPG Game

- Flexibly control your cowboy warrior by one hand to autofire shoot down the enemies

- Auto shooting mode is on, you don’t need to do a thing

- Strategically choose your skill combo. Survival depends on your strategic choice!

- Explore new maps and unlock your battle potential

- Experience the fun of running & shooting!

Features in Survival Hero: Action RPG Game:

- Endless enemies and challenges. Defeat the enemies and challenge yourself to the limit!

- Supply treasure chest, ability potions make your HP more durable.

- For survival, you can obtain different random skills and combine them for have countless possibilities

- Various weapons to autofire shoot and attack zombie, monster and vampire in the battle

Waves of dangerous zombies and vampires are coming, ready for a battle of heroes? Survive every wave of enemy attacks and become the last hero needed to save the day! Fight alone and survive. A brand new roguelike game adventure, turn on the infinite autofire, control your warrior, pay attention to your HP bar, and look for treasure chests at the right time. The stronger your warrior gets, the more zombies and bosses attack. If you fail, you have to start all over again. What are you waiting for? Download Survival Hero: Action RPG Game now!

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