Szumisie APK

About Szumisie

The application supports the heart of Szumis with a Bluetooth module.

The Szumisie application is used to support the humming heart of the Szumisie with a Bluetooth module (type MB02). It allows for a quick and intuitive selection of all the noise mechanism settings.

The application also allows you to monitor the battery charge in the humming mechanism.

Especially for you, we have added a completely new function: a camera with the option of adding funny "stickers" to photos to facilitate documenting the most important events in the life of children.

NOTE: The SURVEILLANCE function has been moved to the SLEEP MODE panel

Using the application on the phone / tablet, we set:

- Switching the humming heart of Noise on / off

- Type of noise: there are five types of noise to choose from: white noise similar to the sound of a dryer, noise similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, the sound of sea waves, the sound of falling rain, the sound of amniotic water with the beating heart.

- Sound level: choose the volume of the sound emitted by the Noise

- Noise duration - set how long the humming mechanism will emit a sound. The maximum operating time for a humming heart is 12 hours.

- Sleep Sensor Mode - switching on the Sleep Sensor Mode means that after the automatic deactivation of the Humming mechanism, the Noise goes into standby mode. The hum will automatically turn on again when the baby starts crying, moaning or there is noise around him. After the humming mechanism turns on on your phone / tablet, a notification will appear that the Sleep Sensor has been activated.

As part of using the application, no data is collected that could in any way be used for unambiguous personal identification: telephone numbers,

email addresses, social media accounts, photos, exact location, etc.

The “Szumisie” application uses the Firebase Analytics analytical system provided by

Google, thanks to which the designated employees of Szumisie sp.z o.o. can find out

how many users have the application, how they use it, what is their approximate geographic location and technical data about the device on which the application is installed. Firebase Analytics does not identify individual users. "

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