T-mobilitat APK

About T-mobilitat

Mobile functionality for traveling on public transport in Barcelona

Official application of the Barcelona ATM to travel and validate with your phone thanks to the new contactless system, buy and upload transport tickets and check the status of the network in real time.

- Buy the available transport tickets to be loaded on your T-Mobility Card.

- Plan your trips with the best possible routes and check the status of the integrated metro, train, bus and tram network.

- Receive alerts and notifications of possible alterations or incidents in the network in real time, thanks to the integration of the application with the transport control center.

If you have a mobile phone with NFC technology:

- You can use your mobile phone as a virtual card to access public transport without the need for a physical card. In order to do so, you will need to download an additional feature of the application that has a single cost of one euro.

- Buy your transport tickets and load them on your T-Mobility Card just by bringing it to your phone.

- Check the status of your card and your titles and manage your data and profile.

You will find all the information about the T-mobility system and the contact and help channels on the website www.t-mobilitat.cat.

NOTICE: This application is free and has an additional feature that allows you to use the device as a virtual card that does cost a one-time fee of 1 euro if you want to download it.

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