Music Game

A rhythm game (Notes Tap Game) where you tap the notes that fall in rhythm while responding to the lanes and notes that change according to the song.

There are more than 30 songs that can be played from the beginning, and many more that can be unlocked just by playing for free!

Included songs (excerpt)

Re: End of a Dream / uma vs. Morimori Atsushi

volcanic / DETRO a.k.a Luze


BPM=RT / t+pazolite

tundra / Halv

Connection Destination: Utopia / kuro

With a wide range of difficulty levels, this game can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players!

In addition, difficulty level 15 is for very, very advanced players!

The author is a serious sound gamer, so there are many useful options from the player's perspective!

You can adjust the speed and judgment of the game.

Lane height/angle/notes skin

Lane height/angle/notes skin

You can adjust the lane height, angle, notes skin, lane background, lane frame color, and more to create a game screen that suits you!

The author of the game is also a music gamer and a private person, so we are always open to feedback from players and aim to make the game easier to play!

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