Taplands – idle clicker game

Taplands – idle clicker game APK

About Taplands - idle clicker game

Click and tap to become mighty hero and defense tower in clicker idle RPG!

Immerse yourself in the epic adventure in the Taplands - best idle clicker tower defence game with RPG elements!

The world of the Taplands is overrun by cruel creatures from other worlds. People need a savior, a real hero. Maybe it's you? Defend the tower and crush your enemies! How? Tap them all!

You will face countless waves of monsters. Click on your hero to attack them, click on the gold to gather it, click on the castle to upgrade it… Tapping is your main key to victory and fun in this idle clicker game!


Control regular and special attacks of your hero by one click. Explore the Abilities Tree to unlock new skills and use Forge to create armor and weapons. Prepare your hero and tower to defeat even dreadful bosses like Titans or Dragons!


To survive, you must increase the defense of your tower. Manage resources and wisely invest it into upgrades. Create the best and unbreakable castle by adding various modules and hiring mighty warriors.


The battle in Taplands is endless. It will continue even if you are offline. Your heroes will defend the tower on their own, waiting for you to help them by some click and tap.

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If you have troubles with the game, write to:

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