TaskHero Task & Habit RPG

TaskHero Task & Habit RPG APK

About TaskHero

Gamified tracking done right. To-do Tracking, Habits, Daily Goals, RPG Mechanics

TaskHero is the ultimate melding of RPG game, to-do list and habits tracker so you can reach your real-world goals!

Explore beautiful worlds, craft epic gear, and play with your friends as you travel through Tasklandia, building healthy habits and tracking your goals along the way.


Real RPG Progression - Earn XP to level up & unlock new powers by completing your to-do list, tracking habits, and reaching your daily tracking goals.

Cast Spells and Abilities - Each to-do and habit you track earns you mana to cast a variety of spells/abilities that can heal, protect, or deal damage to your foes.

Character Customization - Build your unique avatar to reflect your growing powers of habit formation and goal tracking.

Legendary Gear to Equip - Use your tracking rewards in a journey of crafting, starting from a basic sword to legendary weapons that inspire awe!

Play with Your Friends - Heal and inspire your friends, or use your abilities to convert your to-do and habit tracking into deadly coordinated attacks.

A Giant World to Explore - As you track to-dos and habits you will explore the different biomes, defeating the evil forces trying to thwart the goals and dreams of the residents of Tasklandia!

Tons of Cosmetics - Use your to-do and habit tracking rewards to craft a huge variety of cosmetics that you can mix and match to reach your unique look.


To-do List & Task Manager - TaskHero easily helps you track and organize to-dos through lists and scheduling.

Build Healthy Habits - Habits are the cornerstone of goal setting, and TaskHero lets you effortlessly track habits through simple but flexible habit scheduling that automatically repopulates your to-do list with your habits daily.

Reminders - Never forget a to-do or habit again!

Checklists - Break down complex to-dos and habits into simple lists you can easily hide or expand.

Notes - Jot down essential information on any habit or to-do to make sure you never forget a detail.

Goal Tracker & Goal Setting - TaskHero helps you manage your goals day-to-day with a daily goal tracker that gives extra rewards for a 100% to-do & habit completion day!

Projects and Scheduling - Between reminders and scheduling, you can be sure you’ll never miss another important to-do or habit. Projects let you keep your different goals organized and tidy.

Upcoming Lists - A simple to use upcoming list ensures you can always have your finger on the pulse of to-dos, habits, and goals on the horizon.

Track your goals, build healthy habits, and dominate your to-dos to explore an epic world full of monsters, loot, and wonder!


Good luck Adventurer, realize your real-world goals while becoming the hero Tasklandia needs!

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