Tasky To-do list & Reminders

Tasky To-do list & Reminders APK

About Tasky

Tasky is a simple task management tool to organize your ToDo lists.

Tasky is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use todo list application designed for those who seek a powerful yet minimalistic way to manage their daily tasks.


1. Modern and minimal design

2. Notifications for tasks

3. Material You Dynamic theming

4. Repeating tasks

5. Cool task completion animation

6. Add and Delete Sounds

7. Completely offline making it privacy first

8. Free and Open Source

9. Offline Backups

Tasky is a simple todo list app which offers tasks with reminders that helps you remember your tasks and eliminate the concern of forgetting your tasks.

Also with the help of repeating tasks or reminders, it makes it easy to form habits by getting notifications everyday about a specified task.

With it's minimalistic design and no extra bells and whistles, you can keep organizing your day distraction free.

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