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About Taxiapp

Run by drivers for drivers, keep 100% of every fare.

Taxiapp is your app. Run by drivers for drivers, we're completely commission free. You do the work, so you keep 100% of every fare. Plus unlike other apps, we’re licensed black taxis only. No PHV ever.

0% commission

Why buy back the work that's rightfully yours? With Taxiapp, you keep all the fare, all the time. We make street work and app work worth the same.

Profit share

As a Taxiapp driver, you're a part-owner of the business. This means that when we hit our financial targets, you'll enjoy a share of the profits through our Driver Reward Scheme.

Voting rights

If we want to change something major about how we work, the commission rate for example, you get a vote on it. Nothing changes without your input.

Pre-book & e-hail jobs

Taxiapp offers its customers the option to either book in advance or to e-hail whenever they’re ready, giving you more options on how you want to use the app.

Owned & operated by drivers

As cabbies ourselves, we know the pressures you’re under. They’re exactly why we started Taxiapp. The trade is stronger together.

No Private Hire

No ifs. No buts. Not now, not ever. This is set in stone.

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