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About TCDD Taşımacılık Eybis

TCDD Transport Inc. is now in your pocket.

TCDD Transport Inc. is now in your pocket.

TCDD Transport Inc., the opportunities offered by the communications and information technology offers faster and more comfortable ride facilities.

Online Ticket To Get arriving Turnpike

Electronic Ticket Passenger Processing System (EMIS) arriving to office with the mobile app, the internet, you can get your ticket from the call center.

Following completion of the transaction, your tickets will be sent to you by SMS and email.

While riding a train is required to present a photo ID document.

Call center

Call Center 444 82 33 No. 7 days 24 hours with special service number gives you service.

Our call center; passengers, freight, and that any information given on port services, with suggestions being made for services and ticketing procedures related to complaints.

Complaints over WhatsApp Instant, Instant Solution Implementation

Whatsapp line number 0507 321 82 33 7/24're doing your return messages delivered in 5-15 minutes.

Can not you ever get bored with YHT Entertainment System

 YHT Entertainment System from Located in the seats or their laptop screens, tablets, film by connecting mobile phones, music, e-books, you can access content such as games.

Learn your passenger rights

There are rights of our passengers traveling in TCDD Freight train.

Some of these rights are:

The right to consultation

Easy Ticket Purchase Rights

Safe Journey and Comfort Right

Disabled and Mobility Help Request Right of Restricted passenger

Passenger Rights in flight cancellations and delays

Right to Request Suggestions and Complaints

Travel in your eyes Magnification, High-speed train Very Close

High-speed train Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Istanbul fast, comfortable travel at Konya-Istanbul line becomes a pleasure.

YHT-Linked Combined transport Ways to Shorten

YHT bus connection, train sets with diesel Bursa, Kütahya, Afyon, Karaman, Denizli, Antalya you can go in a short time benefiting from the YHT comfort and speed.

Train travel in comfort at a great restaurant to accompany

Orient Express with high-speed trains, the South-Vangölü, Blue Izmir, Konya, you need to meet your food and drink in the dining car can be found in the Blue Train.

Under the Assurance Train Travel

in train accidents;

the loss of life and injury of passengers,

In case of damage to the goods,

It shall be compensated in accordance with the legislation.

Ticket Type in yht

It has three types of ticket changes and refunds charged according to the right.

"Cheap Tickets", "Standard Ticket" and "Flexible Ticket"

Last Minute Offers How to Buy?

A passenger train tickets from the box office in the station's output up to 5 minutes,

other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) can take up to 15 minutes prior to departure from the exit of the train station.

YHT, Outline validity of tickets on trains

YHT and outline trains, tickets are sold date, time, and location number is valid in the wagon. Another date and available in time.

Outlining the sales of tickets made to the numbered cars in the train, the ticket is valid on the specified date and time. To prove the passenger's ticket controls are adequate.

Validity of the Regional Train Tickets

Regional train tickets, depending on the journey of distance, time, day, and time / time are valid basis.

Regional train travels at a physical ticket submission is mandatory.

Passengers can not be found on any claim for unused tickets within the validity period of regional trains.

Regional train tickets are sold one-way ticket on the day, round-trip tickets are sold one-way ticket on the day, including the day after the return is valid.

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