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About Teleeza

TELEEZA is Africa’s 1st FREE Lockscreen All-In-One App

TELEEZA is Africa’s 1st ALL-IN-ONE Lockscreen App, developed in Kenya that is AI/ML driven.

The App curates aggregated content, delivers ROAS on advertising, offers My Wallets, free doctor consultation and micro-medical insurance cover, rewarded Ads among many other services all on one platform, available for an affordable FREEMIUM PACKAGE starting from Kshs 150 monthly.

We are building a strong community of users, publishers, advertisers and partners where EVERYONE IS A WINNER!

How it Works!

Aggregated Curated Content

Did you know that you unlock your phone up to 200 times daily? Each time you unlock your phone, Teleeza updates the latest stories based on AI&ML curated personal preferences from news, sports, entertainment, politics; it's quick and easy. You get the headlines and Teleeza keeps you up to speed in seconds!

Reward Ads

You will EARN INSTANTLY for watching Reward Ads and answering some simple questions.

Teleeza, Unlocks Your World! Beyond relevant content, we also have Teleeza World that offers you numerous value added services. Launch Teleeza World via the Click to Access Teleeza World button on the Lockscreen or the Teleeza logo wherever you see it, to access your FREEMIUM PACKAGE and MUCH MORE.

Referral & Residual Income Programme – Pesa Mfukoni

There is an elaborate and generous affiliate/referral and residual/passive income programme for both authorized agents and normal users. It is possible to earn an additional monthly income of over Kshs 20,000.

Our INSTANT CASH reward system credits your commission(s) to Mpesa, subject to certain Terms & Conditions.

Daktari Mkononi Powered by Zuri Health

Through a partnership with Zuri Health, Teleeza users have access to FREE UNLIMITED doctor consultations in comfort wherever they are, in-app or SMS to 23855. Our team of doctors will offer the best first line professional consultation

Bima Powered by Turaco

We have partnered with Turaco to deliver to our users three innovative packages that protects you from financial shocks, lost income due to an accident or hospitalisation i.e BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD at Kshs 150, 250 & 350 monthly respectively.

Visit for more details.

Simple Questions Answered

What is the Freemium Package?

The Teleeza FREEMIUM PACKAGE comprises of:

1. My Wallets - Coming Soon.

2. Daktari Mkononi offering UNLIMITED FREE ONLINE AND SMS to shortcode 23855 consultations.

3. Bima offering up various REIMBURSEMENT & PAYOUT covers, in 13K+ accredited MOH hospitals countrywide.

4. Referral and Residual Income: Refer and earn Kshs 50 for each referral and Kshs 25 residual income for renewals for life. You will also earn Kshs 10 from your DOWNLINES.

5. Kokotoa Biashara for tracking ALL your income and expenses which will then improve your credit scoring and linked to savings, investments, borrowing, discounted airtime and M-Pesa transactions etc

6. Other services like Keja Shuleni.

We will keep adding more services to Teleeza World as we secure value adding partnerships.

How Do I Refer?

Click on the Refer and Earn Real Cash button in the app and it will create a personalized link that includes your unique referral code. Please share this on WhatsApp, Email, SMS etc. You can also use your unique QR code available on the “Refer & Earn” page in your app.

Will Teleeza drain my battery or use up the phone’s memory and storage?

NO, IT DOES NOT drain your battery or use your storage and memory unnecessarily.

We value your feedback. We are on Facebook(teleezaapp), Instagram(teleezaapp), LinkedIn(teleezaapp), Tiktok(teleezaapp), Twitter(@teleezaapp).

For Privacy Policy, End User Licensing Agreement and FAQs please visit our website on

You can also email us on [email protected] or Call / WhatsApp our Customer Happiness Desk on: +254706122122, +254714627627.

Download our free Teleeza Lockscreen ALL-IN-ONE APP and start enjoying our amazing services.

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