text twist – word games

text twist – word games APK

About text twist - word games

This word game is the newest text twist

What is different from the other word games like text twist?

- You need to find 6 words from 6 jumbled letters

- The words are connected like a crossword

- This text twist has a leaderboard

- Every word you find help you solve the puzzle

- Get extra points when you unscramble a rare word

- The game will help you solve the puzzle by giving you a hint when you find valid words

- There are 2 modes. Timed and untimed.

- Unscramble the letters, solve the anagram puzzle

İf you like the old text twist game, super text twist, text twist 2 or scrambled words you will find this word game is for you.

Try this text twist, it is new different and fun. Enjoy!

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