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Calculate Textile material like yarn | febric

Basic converter and calculator application dedicated to textile spinning,

This application provide featured calculation:

-> Calculate different spinning machines production and machine related calculation

-> GSM, Warp and Weft Calculations

-> Fiber Quality Index Calculations

-> Twist calculation and different conversions

-> Convert tenacity values

-> Count Conversion

-> Air calculations

-> Length, Mass and Temperature converter

-> Weaving Calculations

-> Textile Information

-> Spin plan

-> Relative Humidity

App provide following calculation for calculate and converter row material for textile:

-> Yarn Calculator

-> Yarn Converter

-> Yarn Length Calculator

-> Yarn Weight Calculator

-> Fabric Weight Converter

-> Fabric GSM Calculator

Our app initial version has basic function we'll try to enhance our app based on user feedback and user comments.

If you feel anything to suggest then you can feel free to contact on [email protected] or also you can comment on store.

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