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Type your mother tongue anywhere using this virtual touch keyboard!

The Cameroon Keyboard is a virtual keyboard maintained by SIL Cameroon. It allows the user to type in any language of Cameroon that follows the GACL (General Alphabet of Cameroonian Languages). You can now send text messages and use social media in your language from your phone or tablet! It has been available on Windows® for nearly a decade, but is now available on Android®!

Between the 7th and 9th of March 1979, the National Committee for the Unification and Harmonisation of the Alphabets of Cameroon Languages decided on a Unified Alphabet for the orthographies of Cameroonian languages. The choices follow the Roman alphabet used in English and French, but with the addition of extra letters from the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Since that time, SIL Cameroon has been entrusted to maintain virtual keyboards to allow users to type in the local languages of Cameroon. This app is a product of this continuing research.

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