The Road Driver

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About The Road Driver

Truck and bus simulator!

Drive your truck or bus freely on the roads, in a scenery rich in detail!

Work for a transportation company or with your own vehicle.

Two maps, with a wide variety of structures, companies, bus stations, gas stations, etc!

There are more than 30 vehicles!

- Trucks, trailers (including semi-trailers), and buses, all reproduced in a realistic way.

- More vehicles will be added over time.

A complete workshop!

- Modify your vehicles the way you want, paint, wheels, headlights, suspension height, and other accessories!

- Create your custom skin and apply it to your vehicle!

Extra features!

- Photo mode.

- Automatic and manual gear options.

- Walk around using your own character with customizable clothes and looks.

- Real and dynamic weather (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Foggy, Day and Night).

Among other features!

Realistic graphics and adjustment options!

Unique contract system!

- Wide range of loads.

- Weight and volume system, which influence freight rates and number of trips.

- Have access to the map at any time, manage your routes and loads.

A wide variety of control options (Steering Wheel, Slider, Arrow Keys, Tilt), with sensitivity adjustments and Gamepad support.

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