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About Thousand 1000 Online card game

Play popular card game Thousand Online with only real people.

Meet the Thousand online card game with flexible settings!

* Thousand is a card game for two or three players, the purpose of which is to collect more than 1000 points. A feature of the game is the use of “marriages” (a king and a queen of the same suit), which allows you to assign (“capture”) a trump suit.

* Play only with RELIABLE players - those who play through to the end. For this, just turn on the "Reliability" when creating the table. Then those who often leave the game cannot join the table.

* Thousand is an intellectual game, just like backgammon and poker. Here, luck fades into the background. Our Thousand game has a complete description of the rules, available even during the game.

* To find a suitable game, use the convenient table list with visual pictograms of all table settings.

Create tables with comfortable conventions for you:

- Tables for 3 and 2 players

- Set the speed of the game

- Play up to 1000/1001

- Aces marriage

- Golden round

- Reset on golden round

- Trading on golden round

- Setting up access to a table: public/private /password - to play only with your friends.

Thousands of players play the Thousand by JagPlay daily - it's time to join! :)

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