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About Tile Matcher

Triple match puzzle game. Tile Matching game. Match same tiles on the board

Tile Matcher is a new addicting game that will definitely appeal to all puzzle lovers! It may immediately seem that this is ordinary mahjong, but no! Our game is much more interesting and varied because now you need to collect 3 identical tiles! In this case, you can store up to 7 tiles!

A little more detail about the basic rules of Tile Matcher:

• Collect up to 7 tiles in your pocket!

• When 3 identical tiles are collected, they disappear!

• The level will be completed when all the tiles are removed from the field!

• The faster all the tiles are collected, the more stars ??? you get for completing the level!

• You need to be very careful because when you have 7 tiles in your pocket, you will lose!

Improve your erudition and puzzle-solving skills with Tile Matcher. Our game is suitable for players of all ages and interests. A huge number of increasingly difficult puzzles will not let the most demanding player get bored.

Tile Matcher's unique gaming features:

• Up to 12 different tiles on one level!

• 500+ unique, hand-picked levels?!

• Themes of the playing field for every taste!

• Unique skins for the tiles: donuts ?, fruits ? , and more. And of course, we haven't forgotten about the mahjong-style tiles ???!

• Great hints and boosters to help you complete the level!

• The ability to play without the Internet!

• Interesting daily tasks and bonuses!

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Enjoy playing Tile Matcher!

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