Timer Bomb- Crack Screen Prank

Timer Bomb- Crack Screen Prank APK

About Timer Bomb- Crack Screen Prank

Set the ticking timer bomb and wait for explosion to enjoy broken screen prank

Want to place strong explosives and cause massive explosions as a bomberman? Want to engage in some timer bomb games with your pals? One of the exploding bomb games, Our Timer Bomb Broken Screen prank, simulates a massive timer bomb that will explode and result in a broken screen. The bomb in bomb games will detonate with powerful explosion effects and sounds of a broken screen. Show your buddies the broken screen after the explosion of the timer bomb simulator.

After the time bomb detonates in bomb games, the fake crack screen will resemble a real phone screen. With its crack screen prank feature, the timer bomb prank software may trick your buddies in bomb games. When the timer bomb detonates, a fake crack screen that appears to be a real shattered screen will also show on the screen, fooling your pals in the bomb simulator. In clock bomb games, your pals will be shocked to learn that the explosion was made on the phone screen by the explosion hoax, which will cause a false crack to appear on the screen. With its convincingly false screen cracks, the timer bomb broken screen prank will astound your friends in bomb games.

After establishing the timing for the timer bomb, the time bomb custom timer enables you to add phoney cracks to the screen. The fake crack screen of the phone looks like a real damaged screen because of the realistic sound effect of the time bomb, and only you are aware that it is a clock bomb prank shattered screen. With a shattered screen, you may amuse your buddies with this timer bomb hoax. After the custom time you specify, the screen time bomb in bomb prank will detonate. After the explosion sound effect, the artificial cracks will start to look like a real cracked screen. A time bomb effect on a broken screen is available to trick your buddies in a bomb simulator.

Features of timer bomb crack screen ⏲️

?Timer bomb prank with fake crack screen

?To trick your buddies, create crack screen in bomb simulator

?Personalised timer to display time bomb simulator

?For fun, realistic clock bomb sound effect in bomb games

?Set custom time before explosion

?Simple and straightforward time bomb broken screen prank

?Fake cracks on the screen for the crack screen hoax

?Featuring clock bomb and digital bomb in bomb prank

?Animations of time bomb are displayed in time bomb simulator

?Time bomb explosion animation and sound of a fake crack screen

With the programme in question, you can fool your buddies by creating false screen cracks by exploding the clock bomb. An app called bomb simulator Broken Screen Prank has a brand-new time bomb prank feature that, after you set the time of detonation, counts down from zero.

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