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About Tizi Town - My Airport Games

Be an airport manager & flight attendant in your airplane & run the airport!

Presenting Tizi Airport, a fun airplane games kids will enjoy and fall in love with flying. Begin your journey across the globe and experience the joy of flying anytime and anywhere in Tizi airplane games for kids.

Here's the best airplane games kids will thoroughly enjoy. Play our fun airplane game for kids, set off on epic adventures, repair little airplanes, and enjoy flying around the world. Our airplane game has exciting locations which will keep them engaged for hours. If you have young children, you should definitely check out our airplane games for kids.

You can check-in your baggage at Tizi Airport, grab some delicious snacks, chill at the lounge and watch little airplanes take off. You can choose to roleplay as your favorite character and explore the Tizi Airport in my town. Play as the airport travel staff and help passengers check-in and load their baggage on the conveyor belt. Scan them and help them board the flight. Or play as the pilot and help your travelers reach their destination on time. Our airplane games for kids offer you a realistic experience and make it a lot of fun to play.

Check out the many exciting activities you can do at Tizi Airport:

Duty-Free Shopping Area

Before you board your airplane, you should get a head start on your shopping by getting some new clothes and other items. Have a look at the vending machine; you can get some tasty drinks and snacks from there.

Immigration & Security Area

Scan every traveler to ensure the airport's safety. Help them finish the check-in process, by loading their bags and issuing boarding passes. It is exactly like a real airport travel works!

Get Ready To Fly

Board the airplane and prepare for take-off. Travel in business class and experience amazing hospitality. In addition to the yummy foods and drinks keep an eye out for spectacular sceneries outside your window.

Helicopter & Airplane Garage

Make sure that all little airplanes get the necessary maintenance. Repair the dents and scratches on the airplanes and helicopters and give them a new paint job to make them look brand new again.

Load Baggage Into The Airplane

Assist the ground workers in loading all of the luggage and cargo into the appropriate aircraft in order to decrease the chance of mix-ups and delays caused by such mix-ups.

Here are the amazing features in My Tizi town airplane games kids will enjoy:

- New characters include cabin crew members, airport travel managers, and passengers.

- Lots of objects to play with. Create your own fun stories with these airplane games for kids.

- Touch, drag, and explore every object and see what happens in this toddler planes game

- Our airplane games for kids contain relevant content and are completely safe for children!

- Made for kids ages 4-12, but everyone will enjoy playing our fun airplane games.

- Boosts imagination, hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and curiosity in kids from an early age.

Our airplane games for kids let you enjoy the thrill and adventure of flying and are the perfect adventure game for Kids. So hurry up and board the plane before it takes off! Download My Tizi Town - Airport Games and set off on an epic adventure!

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