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Accurate Weather Forecast & Weather Radar Map

What's the weather like today? Just open Today Weather and it will tell you! Today Weather uses the latest weather data to provide you with accurate and reliable weather information. Weather forecast: hourly forecast, daily forecast and up to 10-days forecast. Detailed weather information: such as temperature, air quality, allergy index, sunrise, sunset, etc. Extreme weather alerts: strong wind warning, heavy rain warning, and snowstorms are also available.

No matter where you are, with Today Weather, real-time weather forecast and alerts are at your fingertips, making it easy for you to keep up-to-date with the latest weather information.

Key features of Today Weather:

☆Today's Weather Details: We provide you with detailed weather data information including temperature, air quality, allergy index, sunrise, sunset, wind, maximum gust, humidity, UV index, dew point temperature, air pressure, cloud cover, visibility, etc. So you can know everything about today's weather.

☆Hourly Weather Changes: We provide you with 72-hours weather change data to help you better plan your travel. Based on the hourly changes in temperature and precipitation probability, you can decide whether to add a jacket or carry an umbrella.

☆10-days Weather Forecast: In addition to today's weather, hourly weather and tomorrow's weather, we also provide 10-days weather information. Check the daily weather forecast, whether it's raining, sunny or thunderstorm, you can carefully prepare your plan to achieve success in work or life.

☆World Weather Reports: Today Weather allows you to manage the weather of multiple cities such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Houston, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more. No matter where you are, it can provide you with the necessary weather information.

☆Weather Radar Map: Use local and live weather radar with the radar map feature, view the radar map under different conditions. Clear and animated radar map of precipitation trends, providing accurate weather forecast trends to protect your travel.

☆Your Health Assistant: Today Weather also provides daily air quality, allergy index (dust and dander), health index (asthma and flu forecast), exercise index (driving, fishing, outdoor activity, flying travel etc.), and more to protect your healthy lifestyle.

☆Simple and User-friendly Interface: Today Weather is also very simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily track weather indicators. It automatically changes wallpaper based on current weather conditions, providing you with a more friendly experience when using the application.

More features are coming soon, so stay tuned! Download Today Weather now to get the latest and fastest weather forecast information to plan your travels, work, and life!

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