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Simple educational games for preschool kids and toddlers

15 educational games for kids and toddlers from 2 to 4 years old.

Simple games, designed for preschool kindergarten boys and girls. These games include numbers, shapes, colors, sizes, sorting, matching, puzzle and more to help kids develop logical thinking as well as eye–hand coordination.

Features ? :

Puzzle games: Simple puzzle games help improve the brain´s cognitive ability, concentration, memory and observation skills.

Dress-up game:. Help picking correct size clothing for the characters. Preschool kids will enjoy playing these interactive games.

Memory games: Find two matching cards. This game is a simple version of the memory game and is suitable for foddlers, two years and up.

Size sorting games: Sort objects by size. This game is mechanic themed for little daddys helpers. Screws, bolts, hammers and tape measures are ready to be neatly sorted by size in utility box. Sorting will help strengthen fine motor skills and encourage logical thinking.

Color sorting games: Sort items by color. Orange, violet, pink, green, blue, sorting colors’ fun with you! Help sorting laundry by color into matching color baskets. Doing laundry and learning colors can be easy and rewarding.

Number learning games: Get familiar with numbers and shapes. Connect shape of a number with matching shadow. Practice number shapes with this simple preschool learning game.

Logical thinking games: Figure out what food bunny needs for cooking. Boost your logical thinking and pick an item bunny wanted.

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