Triệu Phú Là Ai : Giáo Sư Xoay

Triệu Phú Là Ai : Giáo Sư Xoay APK

About Triệu Phú Là Ai : Giáo Sư Xoay

Who Is Trieu Phu - Professor Quay - Phan Dang - Lai Van Sam and MC Nu - Teacher Thao

Millionaire 4.0 is a simulation game of who wants to be a millionaire. Test of intelligence and test of extensive knowledge.

And more especially with this 2022 millionaire version, you can choose the MC to read the question for you. Includes the following presenters.

MC Phan Dang with his reading voice and deep mysterious smile creates a feeling of unpredictable results.

MC Lai Van Sam with the stage name is the national program host forever in the hearts of fans.

MC Female - Teacher Thao This is a virtual host of the game. With the stage name of the famous teacher in everyone's imagination.

Professor Cu Trong Rot - Dinh Tien Dung The presenter, although new, is quite familiar to us.

Superior Features Of The Game.

- The journey of who wants to be a millionaire has all 15 questions and there are 3 very important milestones you need to pass that are 5, 10 and 15.

- Who is a millionaire read the question and explain the answer (if any) usually after the 5th question onwards and when the answer is wrong or stop the game.

- Supported help rights:

* 50/50 Help.

* Help make phone calls to relatives.

* Ask for opinions from the audience present in the studio.

* And from question 6 onwards you will have 1 more help that is Ask the fourth group still in place, also known as the expert group.

Allows stopping the game:

* If you have exhausted the help rights and are not sure. With the selected answers, you can stop the game to preserve the score. And especially after stopping the game, we will tell you the correct answer and explain that answer clearly.

- MC simulation image:

* Motion image simulates voice when reading questions to create a feeling of realism. When asking or thinking as well as answering wrong or right according to the situation in the game Who wants to be a millionaire 2025.

- Ranking of Candidates:

* Allows you to sort your results against other players.

* Ranking – The program's top record ever.

* Ranking – Top of the month .

=> How to rank based on achievements:

- The first is based on the results of the number of questions achieved.

- The second is the result of daily attendance questions.

- The third is the time to answer that question (the faster the answer, the more priority).

- Wednesday is the time to register that question.

Program overview.

Who is a millionaire read question 2024 Dinh Tien Dung Professor Rotate GSX.

The journey of who wants to be a millionaire begins.

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