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About TTS Lontong

The guess of the Vegetable Lontong, Not the Cross, but the Trick is Difficult!

⛔️ Attention Not Cross-Puzzle TTS, But HARD TEXT ⛔️

Your latest features can also be followed by making guesswork

The guesses sent to us will be reviewed and the results will be entered into the game and your name will appear in our game.

From the makers of the famous Om Telolet Om game.

Prove that you are indeed intelligent and full of imagination.

The latest update of costume variations from the presidential candidate Nurhadi Aldo, Tronjal Trolan Maha Asique

Baper is forbidden to play this game well ??

Game features:

- The guesswork of friends from this game player

- Playing with friends is more exciting

- Train your brain and imagination

- Update regularly (God willing)

- Eliminates stress (or even adds)

- Can be played while eating round tofu or fried rice

- funny graphics

- Very suitable for you single (aka don't have a boyfriend yet)

- For Wibu it's ok too

- Can you make peace, you don't need to be angry because of the DKI governor election

- Watch out for the bus, om Telolet, if you play Lontong game again

- Matches are played for you who are sad to remember the cute tiger Koramil Cisewu

-More suitable for playing this game if you are coded hard with your girl

- This kid is like watching a video of Pelakor and throwing money away from Sawer

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Disclaimer: Game Parody from TTS Cak Lontong but not Official Application From WIB TTS HARD, happy to play


This game requires confirmation of 'permissions' on 'external storage access' for temporary video storage and data saving processes.

Suggestions Complaint about Impression and Confusion can be sent to:

[email protected]

This application requires access to use a microphone and location to process data so that we can improve the game for the better. For more details about taking audio data and location can be seen in the column

RECORD_AUDIO: permissions are needed to analyze offline TV viewing data and present media-targeted ads. This permission is optional. If you want to exit this option, visit the following link:

EXTERNAL STORAGE: permission is required to store game data and also to display ads, so the developer can continue to develop this game.

PHONE_STATE: This permission is needed rather the developer can send notifications to the player in accordance with the information related to the game

LOCATION: This permission is needed to analyze the user's location so that the developer can provide advertisements according to the user's location.

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