TTS Pintar Teka Teki Silang

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About TTS Pintar

Crosswords & Guess Words. Offline Games. Can change views.

Smart TTS - Offline Crosswords

In this crossword puzzle you will be presented with empty boxes that you can fill. Each horizontal / descending box has a question so answer and complete it until all the boxes are filled.


✅TTS 3 Languages

Apart from Indonesian TTS, you can also try playing English TTS. So you can improve your English skills by playing games. We also recently added Sundanese TTS.

✅Simple & Nice Design

Designed using good colors and simple image designs

✅Square and Round Style

You can choose the style of the tts box that you like. Do you want a classic (square/box) or a round one, it's up to you.

✅QWERTY and CLASSIC Keyboard

You can choose the type of keyboard you like. For beginners, you should choose the CLASSIC or 10 LETTERS Auxiliary type because it will be easier to fill in the crossword. If you are proficient, test your skills by using the QWERTY keyboard!


If you have a question that confuses you, you can ask for help. Click on the light icon, one correct word will open so it will be easier for you to complete the answer. Or you can also ask friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other applications

✅Update Questions

Have you finished all the TTS? Don't worry, this TTS question will continue to be updated

✅ Word Guessing Game

Apart from TTS games, there are also Guess Word games available. Guess the name of the country's capital, names of animals, plants, and more. Keep sharpening your brain power!

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