Türkiye Ligi Bilgi Yarışması

Türkiye Ligi Bilgi Yarışması APK

About Türkiye Ligi Bilgi Yarışması

A 500-question quiz about the Turkish Football League and 3 game modes!

This quiz app about football has 500 questions about the last seasons of our league, transfers, legends, former champions and many more. In the quiz mode designed in the style of millionaire, you will try to reach the last question of 1 million points by answering 15 different questions in each hand. There are also 4 different jokers that you can use when you have difficulty. These; asking the audience, changing the question, downloading 2 options and the phone joker.

Who is the top scorer in Beşiktaş history? How much do you dominate Fenerbahçe's European matches? How is your relationship with the legends of Galatasaray? In which seasons did Trabzonspor become champions? If you want to measure your knowledge on these topics and other topics related to our league, this app is for you!

In addition, there are 3 different game modes in the application: former champions, flag-player matchmaking and old match scores.

- In the old champions mode, you can predict the champions of all seasons from 1959 to 2022, or you can only play the 2000s.

- Flag - player match mode, each hand will show you 15 questions and you will try to give the fastest answer, 1 point decreases every second! In this mode, you can try to know 10 of the league's 200 unforgettable players, old and new, or you can choose one of the 4 big ones and play with his players.

- You must be fast in knowing the match result mode as in the flag mode, you will try to give the fastest answer to 10 questions. There are 150 matches in this mode for now, these matches are memorable derbies, championship matches, matches with interesting scores. In this mode, as in the flag mode, you can predict all matches, derbies or only one team's matches.

This app is not an official app.

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