Turtle Run: Ocean Adventure

Turtle Run: Ocean Adventure APK

About Turtle Run: Ocean Adventure

Start your fun-filled adventure and flap away through the deep blue ocean!

? Welcome to the amazingly addictive adventurous ocean game with simple controls and entertaining gameplay! Are you a fan of endless runner games? Well, it's time to move from running on land to diving in the ocean with our ninja turbo turtle hero! Download the coolest time killer for AndroidTM, ** Turtle Run Ocean Adventure **, and kill time on the bus, way to work or on the toilet!

? We added twists to the endless running frenzy of the fish and replaced it with the cutest turbo turtles! But, before you immerse yourself in the ocean and get ready to swim downstream, take a look at the exciting game features:

** Swim in the ocean filled with dangerous creatures and other obstacles that you need to avoid in order to come out on top!

** Tap the screen to go up and release to go down – your only goal is to avoid hitting the rocks and being eaten by fish, sharks and other scary sea monsters!

** Vivid graphics that will make you feel like you're in a cartoon ocean simulator game!

** Stimulating music will keep your running stamina high and unperturbed!

** ** Turtle Run Ocean Adventure ** is completely free fun time-killing game for teens and adults!

** Enjoy this cute little turtle adventure game!

** If you loved "flappy games", our high-quality endless flapping and swimming game!

** Fun "new games for teens" that adults will also immensely enjoy!

? We know you'll love this ocean simulator game because of its highly responsive controls, fast-paced gameplay and the cuteness of the poor little fish surrounded by big scary reefs!

? Do you think that only a bird can flap its wings and fly? Well, think again! Turtles can flap their little flipper-like legs and flap through the oceans and wide seas! "Flappy turtle" gives you a chance to swim like a crazy adventurous sea animal!

? Control the turbo turtle swimming in deep blue sea like a ninja, going up and down to dodge obstacles! Go on an unforgettable swimming journey and beat the high score!

? Become a turtle in the ocean simulator and enjoy the wild world of sharks and dolphins, but watch out not to crash into corals and reefs – our turtle simulator is exactly what you need if you're looking for "tapping games" and addictive adventure games to kill boredom with!

? Fun free games for teens usually aren't so fun for adults, right? Not anymore – our sea turtle simulator game ** Turtle Run Ocean Adventure ** is the best tapping games with flappy animals that people of all ages can get hooked on! Turtle mania begins right after you downloaded the cutest sea turtle and start diving and swimming in the ocean filled with flappy fish and breathtaking corals and other sea animals!

? Flapping bird, flying between the pipes is a thing of the past – now, flappy turtle is taking over in the exciting turtle mania games! With this fun turtle simulator, you'll feel like you're swimming in a cartoon, avoiding obstacles to save your life!

? Easy to play, but hard to master! There'll be some nail biting while tapping through the deep blue ocean, be sure of that! Tap on screen to dive this crazy and cute animal up and down – your sea adventure will take you to the unknown parts of the vast ocean while you try to bring your flappy turbo turtle to safety!

? You have chance to swim like a crazy adventurous sea animal, so don't miss out on it! In ** Turtle Run Ocean Adventure ** our little turtle hero has to defeat the enemies, tap his way between obstacles and come out safe and sound! Rescue game and tapping game for teens, boys, girls and adults! Family fun time can begin with this casual side scrolling game!

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