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About Tuul

Tuul makes urban commute more enjoyable and sustainable.

Tuul is a shared electrical scooter for a person who prefers quality and enjoys sustainable urban lifestyle.

Tuul is not just another shared electric scooter on the market. Cars have different quality, so do scooters. Tuul is not produced in the east which is the key to longer durability, efficient recyclability and endless convenience. Tuul scooter's lifetime is at least 5 years and is 90% recyclable which makes it the most ecological scooter on earth. It's the first and only Estonian-made electric scooter developed by an IoT in-house team that has 6 years of industry experience and full control over the development, production, and app service.

How to Tuul?


- download the app

- find a scooter on Tuul app

- create your account

- unlock the scooter with scanning QR-code

- wear a helmet, because it’s smart to protect yourself

- ride only one person per scooter

- start your ride with a smile


- speed up with throttle on the right

- slow down with brake on the left

- enjoy breezing along and pay attention to nature sounds

- stay on bike lanes or sidewalks

- inform fellow road users when you prepare to manoeuvre

- follow the law


- on the app you’ll see available zones where to ride and park

- avoid blocking public pathways, driveways and access ramps

- use the kickstand to park a scooter

- don’t forget to finish your ride on the app

Go to tuul.xyz to learn more about our scooters and safe riding.

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