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Ugolki Checkers – Dama APK

About Ugolki

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Ugolki, also known as Corners, Halma or Уголки in Russia, is a two-player checkers game that is typically played on an 8×8 checkers/chess board. It is said to have been invented in Europe in the late 18th century.

This game requires less thinking than traditional checkers, but can also be very challenging at the highest difficulty level and can train your brain perfectly.

The application contains powerful algorithm of game and friendly classic wooden graphic interface.


✓ Online with avatars, chat, ELO ratings, scores history, leader boards, anonymous login, server stats storing

✓ Several game rules: 3x4, 4x3, 4x4, 3x3

✓ One or Two players mode with several AI levels

✓ Simple user interface

✓ Many nice boards for anyone taste

✓ Ability to hide border and flip board

✓ Ability to save game and continue later

✓ Ability to compose own game

✓ Ability to analyze game with notation

✓ Ability to export saved game to PDN format

✓ Auto-save

✓ Undo move

✓ Games statistics

✓ Small package

Game rules:

Pieces can move in all directions horizontally and vertically. During one turn you can move the piece or jump over other pieces multiple times. It is not required to perform all jumps. The goal of the game is to move all your pieces to the opponent's side. The player, who is the first to place all his pieces on the opponent's side, wins the game.

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