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About Undefeated Hero: Grand City

Become the superhero with undefeated power in Hero Open World Game!

If you like superheroes and want to become one of them - try to play our best action game: Undefeated Hero: Grand City. The crime will always exist on the streets in your city. In this free game, you have to become a hero, eliminate all crimes and save the day.

Test your power in an exciting 3D third-person shooter with RPG elements and plunge into the atmosphere of non-stop action in an open 3D world. Follow the missions, save the people andbe there when people need you the most. A dangerous and fascinating world in which you have to fly around and take action without hesitation. If you are ready to test yourself - then go ahead, show everyone who is the real superhero, eliminate all crime in the city and bring peace to the world.

This superhero simulation game takes place in the city of criminal villains. Crime bosses occupied the city. Craft supers kills to complement man body and defeat all crime! The grand city is going to fall. The greater the power, comes the greater responsibility. So become the superhero and defeat bosses in the real gangster game!

Exciting quests

Exciting adventure missions are waiting for you to get used to your super power before preparing you for more serious tasks. You will encounter a harsh combat fights with criminals all over the city where everyone is in danger. The missions constantly require concentration and skill to complete, as you have to master all the skill before you can use it to save anyone. Passing interesting adventure missions you better know who and how to control your power.

Wide variety of powers

It helps combat gangsters and criminals. You can fly around the city, be as quick as the lightning and help people in danger. With super strength, you can engage in combat hand-to-hand with criminals easily. Range attack helps you create supersonic wave that push evil away, and don't forget your unique skill: Laser Eye. Melt them down with the super heat from Eye Laser, show them the true power of justice.

Explore this open city with different missions, quests, fight for the sake of your city and play in different adventure against evil boss.

Undefeated Hero: Grand City is cool open world game with many attractive features:

- Multiple camera views

- Challenging and thrilling missions

- Try cool stunts

- Multiple challenging tasks with cool rewards.

- Best superhero real simulator games

- An open world with flying challenge

- Explore all the potential of your power

- Track important tasks through map

If you are ready to test yourself - then go ahead, become the superhero in simulator open world game then eliminate all crimes in the city. DOWNLOAD NOW!

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