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About Unsolved Case: Episode 3

Conduct an investigation and solve a criminal case in mystery games!

Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the best Domini Games! “Clue on Fire” is the third episode of a great detective story of the “Unsolved Case” puzzle quest series! Put all the puzzles together as you travel along with the characters, make decisions that affect the plot of the quest, solve mystery and find the object, and see how the next episode ends!

A massive explosion ripped through a steel mill, killing and injuring hundreds of people. The enterprise never got over this blow and was forced to shut down, leaving people jobless. There was no thorough investigation; the media deemed it an “unfortunate accident”. Is it really the case? You, a successful detective, are to find the answer. The deeper you delve into the secrets of the steel mill, the more you realize the firefighters doused the blaze in the building, but not in the hearts of some former workers. There's only one thing that can put out that type of flame...

♟️ Savor the enticing story full of unexpected plot twists!

Spend your time with pleasure playing mystery games and seek & find puzzles. Dynamically developing plot with detective missing objects investigations certainly will not leave you indifferent! Search & find objects and solve mystery of the crime in our quest with hidden things!

♟️ Play this episode of the series to be fully prepared for the next one!

Each game is an episode of one story. Seekers, make your way through this series, solving riddles and looking for missing objects to move on to the next episode and find out what came next in our search & find criminal games.

♟️ Make your own choices and see where they lead. Better think twice!

The player has the ability to choose a character's phrases for an action, the player makes a choice on which his or her crime investigation depends. Influence the plot of the hidden object mystery games and find out which of several endings your choice leads to!

♟️ Conduct your own investigation!

Solve challenging puzzles, find items and earn multiple achievements to highlight your success!

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.


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