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About Utair

The new official Utair app for Android.

We are launching a long-awaited update for UTair’s official application for Android powered devices. We made a total overhaul of interface solutions and logics inside to make you even more mobile.

Your reviews and comments of the past versions helped us in development. Thank you!

With this new application you can:

• purchase airline tickets

• purchase additional services (for example private insurance policy)

• check yourself and your fellow travellers in for the flight

• choose and purchase the most comfortable seats during check-in

• get a QR-code which you can use to print a boarding pass in the airport

• send a printable boarding pass by e-mail

• change seats after check-in

• cancel check-in and check in once again

• provide feedback and attach some screenshots to your message

Aviation rules still require passengers to have printed boarding passes while boarding a plane.

While self-checkin kiosks and reprint-desks can be found in all big airports, we still advise you to print the boarding pass upon receipt before arrival at the airport. You can check whether the airport has self-checkin kiosks on our website www.utair.ru "At the airport / Airport help" section.

We are commited to improving our new application and are going to launch new updates with new features every two weeks!

Have something to share or say? Provide feedback using our new mobile app or on www.utair.ru web-site in “Feedback” section (https://utair.ru/information/feedback/).

We wish you a nice flight!

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