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About VAZ Driving Simulator

Simulator ride and drift on the Lada seven (VAZ 2107) on the road in 3D.

Do you like domestic cars? Maybe it was always interesting how the Lada will behave in the drift? Then this new game is for you!

Feel like a real racer behind the wheel of a Lada. It drove 3d, driving around the city and on the road of russia.


Get behind the wheel, 2107 (seven) and drive! Become a real racer on Russian opera cars, these are cool cars!

Key Features:

- There are many Lada cars such as: vaz 2104, 2107, 2109, lada kalina, lada xray, and even niva 4x4!

- Unique 3D graphics and full detailing of Russian cars

- Convenient management

- Realistic physics of cars

- Full reality Russian tazy

- Drift system

- Fully detailed car models.

- Control of the car from the first and third person

- Car interior 360 degrees

- Interesting tasks and missions

- Choice of time of day

Do you want to feel like a real racer? So go ahead! Step on the gas at the wheel of a VAZ in the game, Russian basins are bringing down!

Who wants to ride with real feelings for Lada vaz !? Go to the Russian car industry AvtoVAZ, it's cool!

Here even the prior and the grant will not resist. As well as parking on Russian vase cars. Dps drive fret drift and drive Russian cars press!

The game has rear-wheel drive and even lowered cans. And most importantly, cool fret cars! Best machine control Oper model natural vaz and toning.

The game will appeal to both fans of BPAN and OPER style because there is your favorite sedan here.

FozerGames did its best and made a Russian driving simulator for VAZ - always rear-wheel drive, low basins and cool cars!

We all know that our basins are being felled - the basins are driving! Therefore, we have tracks, a village in the forest, vaz tuning and a change of disks!

Russian drift, it is waiting for you!

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