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About VChat

Real-time Video Call Chatting Make Global Friends Pro

VChat is an online anony video and voice chat application that allows you to make dear friends from all over the world and talk about various myths and figure legends such as Prometheus' Tinder, Vulcan Azar, Muse, Cupid, Eden and more. Whether in a Cafe or in room, you can communicate face-to-face with strangers via video anytime, anywhere. Come to VChat to make new friends now! Users from more than 100 countries such as India, Japan, Korean, Thai, Vietnam, Saudi, Mexican, Colombian, Dominican are waiting for you!

The top functions of VChat:

Real-time video call chat:

- You can video chat with glam girls from all over the world through random matching or active video calls, meet people 1km nearby through smooth and clear video calls, and talk about yumy food topics such as choco, honey, cake, candy, bun, jelly, sweety etc.

- Discover interesting new friends, maybe you will enjoy a fun video chat experience, talking about various tagged celestial bodies such as moon, star, planet, galaxy.

Free chat live translation:

- You can Vidtalk with people abroad without using foreign languages. You can say Hello, Yo, yaha, ahoy, hey, Salams, Aloha, and ChatHub can translate in real time to solve language barriers in chatting, talk about all kinds of fun stuff like snap ship hinge, Kuka robots, Radar, Magnet, LP record, hoop, bolo knife.

To ensure the authenticity of the anchor:

- We strictly scrutinize every photo to filteroff fake anchors, guarantee real girls cam chat with you online about fun things like hula, periscope, Mido watches, cartoon mat, MICO socks, Piko Toy.

- We guarantee all online users are online in real time, most people can answer video calls in seconds, share delicious tastie food with you, such as peach, olive, lemo, melo, papaya, pear, tomato, Mango.

Support deep beauty effects, filters and stickers:

- You can set the dual beauty effect, smash the old look and become sparkle and handsome, discuss various American movies with girls, such as Hala, ARGO, Halo, Luv, Swingers, Anastasia.

- There are various fun decorations in the chatbox to make your real-time chat more interesting, talking about stars around the world, such as Nigo, Winkee, KK, sho, Kajri, Lysn, Joi, YAYA.

Privacy Guide

Priv and secure video chat, video call online with girls, talk about various nice songs like Ahlam, KAYA, Yalla, Cantik, Andu, Kenalan, Hawaya, Hawaya, Fotka.

Report or Smitten users who violate our policies

Whether you're in the park aisle or in the JanU hotel, please respect other users and follow our guidelines during video chats.

OK. Lets go to join VChat: Online Random Video Chat

I look forward to your contact us:

If you want to be our anchor or agent: [email protected]

If you have any problem using the app please contact me: [email protected]

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