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About Video Player

Video Player is a professional video playback tool, clearer and smoother

Video Player is a smart and convenient video player for mobile. Let you feel the unprecedented audition enjoy!

With the equalizer, this video player can improve your video sound quality. Make you feel like in the cinema!

It's a MV Player, play you music video as music player on the background.

It is a highly efficient and convenient video playback tool. Using your device default decoder for decoding, thus ensuring your video file is played in the original resolution, through the optimization of the encoding format file playback speed and effectiveness to achieve the best results for you to enjoy smoother better quality videos. Also with equalizer, as you adjust out their own sound effects.

Simple and easy to use, without conversion, directly copy the video on your PC to the phone anytime, anywhere viewing.

Please enjoy smooth playback of the video player experience !


* Professional EQ equalizer, adjust the quality of video audio

* Bass Boost and virtualizer

* Reverb: small room, medium room, large room, medium hall, large hall, plate

* Play local video

* Play given URL network video

* Play the bgm audio of videos

* Show all videos on your mobile devices as thumbnails to help you browse and watch the video easily and quickly

* Provide a simple and intuitive controller, the original resolution and full-screen playback mode is easy to be changed, and the sound is controlled fast and intuitive

* Can lock the screen to prevent misuse when the video is playing

* The pause position will be saved automatically before the program exit, then next time can continue to watch the video

If you like watching videos with your phone, why not try this Video Player ? Come and download it now!

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