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Simple local weather app with accurate weather forecast & severe weather alert

Weather Forecast - local weather app, which provides accurate and detailed weather information about the current and future, matches beautiful weather widgets, achieves the combination of utility and beauty.

Basic Weather Information

With one-button operation, you can get the current detailed weather information: weather conditions, temperature, air quality, sunrise and sunset, wind speed and direction, so convenient and time-saving!

Hourly and daily weather forecasts

If you just want to know the temperature and weather conditions, you can choose to see the hourly forecast (within 48 hours), which is suitable for the lazy;

If you want more details, you can choose to see the daily forecast (within 10 days) contains the information of hourly temperature, weather conditions, rainfall, wind speed and direction, which is comprehensive and easy to see!

Air quality and UV index

Help you judge the air quality and ultraviolet intensity, so that you go out more conveniently.

Weather Radar updates rainfall, lightning strike, tornado and typhoon in real-time!

You can use the real-time weather radar to check 24 hours of the latest rainfall forecast. More importantly, you will be notified when severe weather is predicted. Be sure to be prepared to protect yourself when you receive this reminder.

Weather map creation

You can feel free to see and switch the weather forecast for the Settings area of multiple cities.

Multiple theme styles

A variety of styles of weather widgets, there is always a favorite one, let’s find your own style, come on~

This Weather Forecast app has many more uses waiting for you to discover, come to download it and make your life better!

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