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Weather App: Forecast & Radar APK

About Weather App: Forecast & Radar

Dark Sky’s technology & Apple's WeatherKit are used in this live climate app.

Hyperlocal Weather is the most accurate local weather app for weather tracking with Dark Sky & Apple®

Weather data. Track different local current weather conditions and get accurate weather forecasts in this

live weather app.

Nowadays, weather radar apps for Android are very popular. We thought of all the details when we

developed this live radar weather app to provide the best user experience for you!

You will definitely enjoy this clima app if you are a fan of weather forecast apps, weather live apps, or

weather channel apps.

Unlike other weather apps, our app displays weather minute by minute. You can easily track the weather in

this minute by minute weather app. Minutely, hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts are waiting for


Features of Hyperlocal Weather & Apple® Weather Powered by:

- Local weather forecasts: Utilize for viewing weather forecasting.

- Storm tracker: track your storm, tornado, hurricane, thunderstorms, typhoon, and lightning.

- Learn the weather in the US, such as California, NY, Colorado, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many

more cities for the US.

- Set weather widgets on the home screen with notifications.

- Weather forecast radar and maps: live Doppler radar shows weather maps with future conditions.


Storm tracker & snow tracker is the best tracking for being ready for severe weather.

✅ Track storms, tornados, and snowfall at any time.

✅ Get updated & warnings for upcoming storms and snow.


Hurricane forecasts will show you upcoming storms and hurricanes.


In this most accurate weather app, local weather forecast gives you the most accurate hourly and daily

weather forecast for your current location.

✅ View the current temperature, weather conditions, wind speed, storm, and precipitation for your

location on the maps.

✅ Select a place to view local weather conditions based on Dark Sky data.

✅ Local weather with Doppler weather radar.


Local weather forecast gives you the latest temperature forecast and weather maps for your location.

✅ Get notified when it will rain and snow with a reliable Dark Sky data forecaster.

✅ Check the weather for your current location or any other city.

✅ Real time radar prediction for the next minute, hour, day, and week, as well as a trend forecast.

✅ Plan your day around the local weather forecast and view the hourly weather forecast for the next 24


✅ Minutely, hourly, daily, 5 days, weekly - 7 days, extended, ten days, today’s forecast for weather



Radar Weather Maps lets you track live weather and future weather for any location in the US with detail

down to the city level.

✅ Get real-time updates on weather conditions, local temperature, and more.

✅ Stay ahead of the weather with future radar and weather maps.


The Weather Warnings app gives you up-to-date information on weather alerts in your area.

✅ You can view alerts for rain, wind, and other weather conditions.

✅ You can also see the time of the alert and how long it will last.


Weather Widget shows you the current weather and forecasts.

✅ Get a weather alert with weather widgets before the precipitation.

✅ Add or remove local or any city for widget info.

✅ See the next hour rain widget on the homepage on the screen.


This weather news app will provide you with the latest weather information for your location, including

alerts for any severe weather.

✅ Customize the app to show information for multiple locations, and set up alerts to be notified of changes

in the weather.

Weather Parameters Shown:

★ The possibility of rain (rain, snow, windy, sunny...)

★ Wind ( Knot and Beaufort )

★ Satellite cloud images

★ Rain radar forecast interactive map

★ Temperature

★ Feels like the temperature

★ Average wind direction and speed

★ Maximum wind speed observed

★ Humidity

Are you ready for a wonderful minute forecast app?

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