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Local weather app with current temperature, air quality, wind speed & direction.

⛅️☀️ Interested in getting the accurate weather forecast?

With the help of the newly developed Live Weather App, you can learn accurate data about any possible changes in patterns provided by qualified forecaster. Be informed of climate change agents that affect our lives significantly!

☔️ Weather Tracker - Key Features Live Weather Widget

Do you want to receive reliable information about the current climate situation in your region? Or do you have a great desire to explore other areas in terms of meteo investigation of temperature, precipitation, or wind forecast? This free temperature app offers you an opportunity to examine forecasting for thousands of locations across the world. Thanks to its major features, every user can enjoy the process of learning more about synoptic conditions:

⚡️ The 16-day weather forecast provides/ users with an extended view of the conditions in their location, allowing them to plan ahead and make informed decisions about their activities.

⚡️ Detailed forecast - current temperature (celsius and fahrenheit), wind speed and direction, precipitation rates, atmospheric pressure levels, visibility, rain tracker, and other components of numerical prediction.

⚡️ Air quality index. The app provides information about the air quality in the user's location, including a rating system and recommendations for how to stay healthy and safe during poor air quality conditions.

⚡️ 5 day weather forecast widget - Clock and weather widget for home screen is available for user convenience in daily operation. The weather widget in a mobile application provides users with up-to-date and easily accessible information about the current weather conditions and forecast for their location, directly on their home screen.

⚡️ Compliance with The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Fox News and similarity with Bug, Clime and Carrot apps (well-known global, national and regional clima forecast providers) provide reliable forecasts, is a guarantee of a positive user experience and feedback.

⚡️ Zodiac horoscope and astrology - The app includes a feature that provides daily horoscope readings, giving users insights into their horoscope signs and what to expect for the day ahead.

A weather app with a widget provides users with real-time weather updates, allowing them to plan their day accordingly and gain insights into their astrological sign, all from the convenience of their mobile device's home screen.

? What the forecast? - Widget weather clock date

Concerned about extreme natural events like heavy rainfall, hurricanes, or tornados? Get notification on your device any time of day or night, using a reliable national weather service! If you trust professionals engaged in forecasting, you can easily avoid any stress caused by unpreparedness to meet current natural disasters. Choose the Weather Station for Android for your comfort!

✔️ Simple navigation

✔️ Great features

✔️ Data accuracy

✔️ Well-organized information

✔️ Accessibility

✔️ Ease of use

Hence, we've developed one of the best and most convenient software for users with the following functions: forecasts for the selected locations, live update weather, astrology and horoscope for today, clock and live widgets for android free. Download and install Live Weather Pro right now and say, “It's my choice!”. Keep up with the times, using new technological innovations!

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