Weather Station

Weather Station APK

About Weather Station

Weather Station with temperature, rainfall, pressure, humidity, sensors and maps

Fully Functional Weather Station

* Supports both large screen HD and phone displays

* records data displays history graphs

* Pressure

* Current conditions widget

* Forecast weather widget

* Rainfall

* Humidity

* Solar Radiation (if supported by station)

* Wind Speed and direction

* Dark mode

* Metric and American Standard Units

* Inside temperature sensor support (Arduino, Netatmo & battery sensor, Bluetooth zigbee2mqtt and clientraw)

* Android Sensor (pressure, temperature, humidity and light)

* Automatic location update by Wifi or GPS

* Sunrise and Sunset

* Widgets x4, Lockscreen

* Talking Clock and Weather announcement

* Service providers supported: Ambient Weather, Davis, NOAA, Weather Online, Open Weather Map, Yahoo Weather, BOM Australia, Norway Weather, Netatmo, Arduino (HTTP JSON), Mesowest and ClientRaw, PWS, Ecowitt.

* Arduino based inside temperature, pressure humidity sensor

If you're having difficultly with the App working please try

Android Settings > Application Manager > Weather Station > Clear data

This clears all the configuration and hopefully will restore the App to a working state. You might also need to remove the widget from the home screen and add it again.

If you'd like to try the Beta, press the "Become a tester" button at

After this an update will be available via Google Play.

Questions, comments, or bug reports? Feedback is welcome, just send to [email protected] or use the in App request support form.


gps - automatic location configuration

wifi - communication to weather service

storage - import / export user preferences

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