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Looking for a simple weather forecast for Android? Meet the detailed weather forecast for 7 days, which provides a lot of climate data and weather conditions.

WeatherLV is an accurate hourly forecast, daily weather forecast, real-time radar, precipitation and sudden weather warnings, weather in your city by geolocation or anywhere else.

Be aware of the weather for the day. Get weather forecast notifications at the specified time so that rain, snow, cold and other weather events do not take you by surprise. You will also receive a rainfall alert one hour before it starts.

You get a free weather app for Android that allows you to collect weather data for your area. Works in any country, determines the current geolocation and allows you to add multiple cities for tracking.

The functionality of the weather app for Android:

☀️ Rain chance, rainfall amount, rainfall time, rainfall warning, daily digest with time and rainfall type.

☀️ Sunrise and sunset time, which will allow you to plan the day;

☀️ Actual air temperature and "how it feels". Don't let the weather take you by surprise. be aware of the temperature outside the window and get a daily forecast with temperature changes during the day.

☀️ Cloudiness, chance of precipitation in the region and worldwide

☀️ Wind direction and speed, wind gusts, warnings of strong winds, storms and other natural hazards.

☀️ Accurate weather forecast for 7 days, hourly forecast, daily forecast in your city and around the world.

You can monitor the climate in your region or anywhere else. Set geolocation and add cities of interest to you to track the weather in real time.

Weather app for Android provides free accurate weather radar. View the radar map in real time to find out the exact weather in your area. The radar is located on the main screen of the application, which makes it easy to access at any time. You can also track the weather all over the world.

The weather forecast for Android is suitable for both everyday use and for planning trips, fishing, outings and other activities.

Our application takes data from national weather stations and airports. Therefore, you can be sure of the accuracy of the information and receive only up-to-date weather data online. Weather information is updated regularly, so you will always be aware of changes in weather conditions.

Are you planning a trip? Then you should check the weather forecast for the city you are going to visit. In our application, you can track the weather using the geolocation of your smartphone or select a city manually. So you can follow the weather data around the world. National weather stations will help you always have up-to-date information about weather conditions, precipitation, wind speed, air temperature.

A free accurate weather radar is also included in the app. Local Weather Radar allows you to view a real-time precipitation map to quickly find out the current weather in your area or anywhere else in the world. You can track weather changes in a timely manner and predict what the weather will be like in your region today.

The interactive radar works in real time, and also allows you to predict the weather for 3 days or 7 days ahead. So you can track the appearance of precipitation like rain, snow, hail. You can also track the places where the sun is shining and where it is now cloudy. Lightning during a thunderstorm can also be displayed on the radar. Follow the weather live and find out the weather forecast for 7 days in the online weather application.

The weather in the online weather application is updated every 15 minutes, which allows you to always have accurate information about the current weather in the region. The hourly weather and the daily weather forecast can change during the day so that the weather conditions do not take you by surprise.

Track the weather online for free, install the weather app online.

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